That New Start Up is a business blog for budding entrepreneurs and anyone looking to start a new business.

Since the turn of the century, things have got progressively easier for entrepreneurs to make a living. With the introduction of the internet and everyhting that comes with it, it’s now possible to become a millionaire solely through your laptop. But, you need the right resources and knowledge to make this dream into a reality.

That New Start Up plans to share tips and tricks on how you can improve your knowledge of business and lifestyle in general. This doesn’t just mean finances and marketing; true business entrepreneurs appreciate what is really necessary to start a business; mindset.

If you do not have the right mindset, then your business is undoubtedly going to be a failure. For this reason, there will be a mixture of business posts on That New Start Up, as well as some tips for keeping yourself motivated.

Who am I?

I am a serial entrepreneur who has had many successful, and some unsuccessful businesses in my long career. Hopefully I can share some of those experiences with you here.


Best of luck,

James Smith