4 Things to Consider If Your Start Up Isn’t Going as Planned

I’m going to be totally honest with you; the likelihood of you getting everything right in your very first business is well, slim-to-none. Unless you have a large amount of financial backing, it can be an achievement to just break even with your very first business. That’s why we’ve come up with 4 things that you should consider if your start up isn’t going as planned.


Think about scaling it down a notch

One thing that can be a massive problem when you’re starting a new business is trying to get too much done at once. This can be a real issue for many businesses, and it is something that you want to ensure doesn’t happen to you.

If you’re struggling keeping up with the pace of a busy business, one thing that you can do to help you deal with this is to scale the business down slightly. It’s common for people to get caught up in the paper chase and try to get as much money as possible, which is completely normal. Though by doing this, you can bypass the general business models used and in turn, your business may struggle. There’s nothing wrong with starting your business small, or if you’ve started a larger business, then scaling your business down a notch can be a great option.

Generating profit is NOT the be all and end all of your business, though many people would like you to think so. If you don’t have a solid business plan built up from scratch, then you will struggle to fulfil many of the basic requirements that are necessary to any business.


Check competitor pricing frequently

One mistake that we see made more often than not with businesses is not updating their pricing strategies to compete with the other people in your market.

Your competitors are consistently trying to one up you, and they forever will be. This is business, and undercutting your opposition is the primary technique used to compete with other businesses. Maintaining an effective costing technique is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure your business stays profitable. And remember, if you’re forced down to the bare bones by opposition, then it might be worth moving on to another product. The bigger businesses will always have this unfair advantage of the ability to mass order, which for start ups is often not an option.


Give it time

There might be a reason that your business is not keeping up with the competition, but sometimes, you need to let your business develop before you can truly judge the field that you are in. You business is dependent on credibility above all else, and a business with no trust will never be able to generate a high revenue.

Credibility can only be built over time. Give your business some breathing space, assess what your audience has made of your product, and adjust accordingly. Simple.


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